Bible-Literalist Institutes Radio is a Non-Commercial Christian Internet Radio Station, dependent on the kind support of its listeners who receive spiritual encouragement, and sense the Lord Jesus' moving to give to the maintenance of the station.

The operators of BLIR are members of a family of veteran Baptist missionaries to the Chinese-speaking people in the Pacific Region, the Robert E. Patenaude Family. Accountability is through Home and Abroad Missions, Inc. a ministry of Faith Baptist Church, 6423 Hamilton Bridge Road, Milton, Florida, USA.  The Manager is Brother Abram Patenaude

Your gifts given to help maintain this ministry are strictly designated and accounted for this very purpose, and is separate from the personal support of the Missionary Patenaude family.  You can expect a legal receipt for your contributions.

We heartfeltly  thank you for listening, and we covet your prayers for our labours. Write to us with comments and encouragements at BLI Radio, P.O. Box 95, Campbellsburg, IN USA 47108.

In the Surety of Jesus' Blood,
The Patenaude Family, for
Philippians 1:6; 2:13